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The Game Changer


The new Mighty Mini 90™ and Mini Ergo™ disposable prophy angles are the smallest and most powerful compact angles on the market. With small head and the slimmest profile, these Disposable Prophy Angles not only provide the feeling of increased visibility with slightly less vibration but also better access to posterior areas.

With its patented beveled gear design, the angles run smoothly and quietly. The ribbing on the external surface and the excellent flare of the cup make subgingival, lingual and interproximal access much easier and more efficient.

The enhanced improved access, increased visibility, and mighty performance make these angles the best choice for Dental Hygienists.




The New King of Prophy Angles

The new Mighty Mini 90™ and Mini Ergo™ disposable prophy angles provide improved access & visibility, reduced splatter & vibration and efficient cleaning & polishing.

Function Reach

Clear Vision

Effortless Handling


Mighty MINI angles are Gamma-ray sterilized

With blood in the sulcus, it makes sense to use a Sterile disposable prophy angle after scaling with a sterile scaler to further reduce the risk of infection.

The following germ cultures were obtained from various disposable prophy angles on market. Germs are found on 100% of other manufacturers' angle surfaces. View More
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Evaluation Articles

DPS Review Rating 4.5

The DPA that combines optimal reach and visibility with the safety and convenience of out-of-the-pack sterility.

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RDH 2016 Evaluation Article

Disaposable, and Sterile too: One company takes the step of ensuring sterile DPAs

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Dental Advisor Rating 4+

Clinical Evaluations of Mini Ergo and Mini 90 Disposable Prophy Angles

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Dana Jones, RDH

Dana Jones, RDH

Dorchester, MA

The Mighty Mini 90 removed the stain without any added force/pressure.

Linda Bell, RDH

Linda Bell, RDH

Chester, NJ

I thought I was using the best angle available but this angle was so much better!

Susan Afeltra, RDH

Susan Afeltra, RDH

Aurora, IL

The Mighty Mini 90 reduces splatter even when the tooth isn’t completely dry.

Laura Inman, RDH

Laura Inman, RDH

Clyde, NC

It's small enough to reach difficult areas. And the outside of the cup works great at removing stains on the lingual surfaces!